Quick Change Disc

Quick change disc is a popular tool in almost all shops. The quick change disc are designed in two fastening systems one is turn-on and the other is roll-on, we've come to know them as Type-R or Type-S. The most common term for major manufactures such as 3M Roloc which is a trade mark of their fastening system. Quick-change disc are exceptionally well for grinding, deburring and blending flexibility in smaller areas as the quick change disc comes in smaller diameter such as 2" Quick Change Disc or 3" Quick Change Disc allowing the end user to get into those smaller areas for grinding, deburring and blending.

Another company such as Norton calls their fastening system TR ( Type III) which is your Type- R or 3M Roloc and they have its counter part which is the TS (Type II) which is the Type-S. We would say that the Type-S is the least common of the two fastening systems. The great thank about a quick change disc is not only it's ability to get into smaller areas but the fastening systems can be virtually put on any abrasive material. Some of the more common quick change discs are they Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Condition Disc by 3M and the Bear-Tex Non woven quick change disc by Norton. These are your traditional non-woven quick change disc that are typically known by there 3 colors, Brown or Tan for Coarse Maroon or Red for Medium and Blue for Very Fine Grit. One of the advantages of having a non-woven abrasive is its open web construction which resist loading and runs cooler allowing for consistent finishes. 

Other products that come in 2' quick change or 3" quick change are the strip wheels that are used for fast removal of rust, scaling, oxidation, paints, sealants and other clogging materials. This non-woven wheel is best used for stainless steel, steel, aluminum, titanium, non-ferrous metals, fibre glass, stone and wood. Another popular product is the surface preparation wheels which are non-woven material impregnated with abrasive grains for blending, finishing and removal of paint and rust. These also come in 2" Roloc or 3" Roloc type of fastener for convenience and ease of use.