Reciprocating Saw Blades

The M.K Morse Company is an American Company based out of Ohio that has been in the industry for over 50 years. They'll be the first to tell you they did not invent the saw blade but they perfected it! Their reciprocating saw blades are are by far one of they most sought out blade on the market. Ranging from their small air saw reciprocating saw blade to the standard or sawzall reciprocating saw blade they just scream quality. One of the key factors as to way their reciprocating saw blades are superior is their construction. They are made at of bi-metal which means they have both carbon-steel and cobalt steel, creating a long-lasting saw blade that are heat and wear resistant. Two of their flag ship recip blades are the air saw blade and the reciprocating saw blade. Now the air saw blade is the smallest used on an air saw tool. This blade comes between 3" and 4" lengths all lengths being 1/2" in width. These are your popular air saw blades you buy off the tool truck but at a fraction of the cost. You are probably wondering will if they are cheaper do they hold up as well as the truck blades? Being that M.K Morse is an American manufacturer they do not compromise quality, they are one of two largest manufacturers of saw blades in the USA. What that means you most likely purchased their blade under another name as the manufacturer for large tooling companies. This allows them to have great price points as they do large volume. Now all though the air saw blade is 1/2" in width it doesn't mean its not quality, its actually perfect for precision work in hard to reach places such as between body panels or under stripped and rusted fasteners, which is they automotive, restoration shops, muffler shops and sheet metal fabricators have this as a standard in their tool box. Additionally, the half inch air saw blade provides a level of flexibility allowing for radius cuts just solidifies that this reciprocating air saw blade is a must have when working with sheet metal.

On another note their reciprocating saw blade or sawzall blade as people have come to call them are the best in the industry specially in muffler shops when needing to cut a muffler off 9" blade is the perfect solution. The sawzall blades currently come in 4", 6", 9" and 12" we feel that 18 TPI is perfect for most applications gives you ability to cut between 1/8" - 1/4" with no problem. Cutting thicker items may require a lower TPI which means Tooth Per Inch. Knowing what your cutting is helpful in selecting the proper tooth count to help increase the life of the air saw blade. In short MK Morse reciprocating saw blades are a no brainer and perfect choice in cutting metals in various applications we are certain you won't be disappointed.