3" Premium Air Cooled Backing Pad - Type R

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Premium Air Cooled Backing Pad - Type R

Representing the very latest in holder pad technology, the unique design and construction provides unparalleled durability, performance and service life. The type R backing pad is designed to fit any quick change disc that has a male or Type R, Roloc style fastener. It has 1/4" Shank that would fit most die grinders both straight and angle. 

  • Type R
  • 1/4" Shank
  • Vented pad surface removes heat generated during use, extending the abrasive disc’s service life
  • Exceptional combination of flexibility and back support optimizes disc performance
  • Uniform 3-piece composition contributes to safe, balanced and vibration-free use
  • Maintains flex characteristics throughout pad life
  • More durable and longer lasting than conventional thermoset rubber equivalents
  • Especially effective when using coarse grade discs on applications requiring heavy to medium grinding.