6 x 9 Premium Non-Woven Hand Pads

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6 x 9 Premium Non-Woven Hand Pads 


Clean & Finish Hand Pads are available in a variety of grades to satisfy applications ranging from ultra fine finishes to aggressive surface cleaning. They are cost-efficient alternatives to abrasive forms such as steel wool, emery cloth and coated abrasive papers.

Strong, yet flexible premium pad construction for surface preparation. 

  • Maroon pads for rust removal, cleaning and surface preparation. 360-400 Grit
  • Grey pads for fine finishing and surface preparation. 800-1000 Grit
  • Green pads for heavy duty cleaning.  240 Grit
  • White pads are constructed from a non-abrasive material for light duty cleaning. 
  • Tan pads for rust removal and coarse finishes. 120 Grit
  • Black pads for aggressive use; heavy cleaning, deburring and finishing. 150 Grit
Pack of 20