3/4" x 20-1/2" Ceramic Sanding Belts - 5 Pack

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3/4" x 20-1/2" Ceramic Sanding Belt 

3/4" x 20-1/2" Ceramic Sanding Belt is made with premium ceramic grains affixed to a cloth backing using resin bonding for longer life. Ceramic grains are man-made grains that is self sharpening which helps ins crease the productivity and life of the belt. The 3/4" x 20-1/2" Ceramic belt is a top sized which prevents the belt from loading up as quickly as other grains which not only extends the life of the belt but also keeps the application cool during the process. This ceramic belt last about 50% longer than a zirconia belt and at least 3x longer than your traditional aluminum oxide belt. The belts are made in 36 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit and 120 grit, they are also Made in USA. 


Sold in packs of 5