3/4" x 20-1/2" Surface Conditioning Sanding Belt

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3/4" x 20-1/2" Surface Conditioning Sanding Belt

3/4" X 20-1/2" surface conditioning sanding belts utilizes a substrate base (nylon fiber) a resin bond and abrasive grain. The fiber and resin are fully waterproof so the product can be used wet or dry. The structure is extremely ops so that product resists loading and runs cool compared to coated abrasives. The product is made with X-Flex material is gives the end user more flexibility when using a hand held tool such as a Fein Pipe Belt Sander or a Metabo Pipe and Tube Belt Sander. These belts are perfect for rust and corrosion removal, metal finishing, blending and deburring applications including stainless steel. The belts provide a linear grain scratch pattern for blending stainless welds. The 3/4 x 20-1/2 inch long pipe belt sander surface conditioning belts are great at blend and finishes without undercutting or gouging the work piece. The 3/4" x 20-1/2" Surface conditioning belts are available in Coarse (Brown) , Medium (Red) and Very Fine (Blue). If you need help with determining which surface conditioning sanding belt to purchase we have a guide to help assist with grit equivalents for each belt below. 

Coarse (Brown) - Equivalent to 120 Grit Finish.

Medium (Maroon) - Equivalent to 180 Grit Finish.

Very Fine (Blue) - Equivalent to 320 Grit Finish. 

The belts are also USA Made so you can count on quality and productivity.