SJ-5 Cone Double Cut Carbide Burr

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SJ-5 Cone Double Cut Carbide Burr 1/2" x 7/16" 1/4" Shank

The most popular bur style for ferrous applications. The flutes are ground in both the left and right hand directions, offering better operator control and rapid stock removal in harder materials. Designed for: acute angle machining, chamfering and countersinking in brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, 45-60 Rc steels, carbon steel, nickel chrome steel, stainless steel, steel weldments and titanium. 

  • Reduced chip size
  • C-2 grade premium sub-micron grain carbide
  • 8-10% cobalt binder
  • Made in the USA


  • Burr Diameter 1/2"
  • Burr Length 7/16"
  • 1/4" Shank
  • Application Ferrous Metals
  • Operating Speed 8000 - 19000 RPM
  • Shape Angle 60 Degrees