Morse Metal Devil Cut-Off Wheels

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Morse Metal Devil Cut-Off Wheels

Looking for a cut-off wheel that won't quit under pressure then the Morse Metal Devil Cut-off wheel is the tool you are looking for! Using an innovative new process, Diamond crystal is permanently brazed to the blade and remains fixed for continuous cutting throughout the life of the wheel. The Metal Devil cut wheels cut up to twice as fast, cutting down project times and last up to 60 times longer due to the diamond crystals. When the job calls for tough action, call on the Morse Metal Devil Cut-Off Wheel to get it done right!


  • METAL DEVIL CUTS UP TO 2X FASTER than Abrasive Wheels
  • METAL DEVIL LASTS UP TO 60X LONGER than Abrasive wheels
  • Blade Dia: 4.5è (114mm) Thickness: .050 Arbor Hole: 7/8è - 5/8è Max RPM: 13,000
  • Blade Dia: 14è (356mm) Thickness.125 Arbor Hole: 1è -  20mm Max RPM: 5,500
  • SOLID STEEL BODY - Maintains wheel diameter  throughout its life. Greatly reduces the danger of breakage.
  • VACUUM BRAZED TECHNOLOGY - Permanently bonds diamond  crystals to the wheel.  Providing long blade life. Lasts up to 60 times longer than traditional abrasive wheels.
  • THIN KERF DESIGN Cuts faster.  Less dust and debris than traditional abrasive wheels