Non-Woven Abrasives Surface Conditioning Disc (Type R)

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2"- 50 p/box - 3" - 25 p/box

Non-Woven Abrasives Surface Conditioning Disc (Scotch Brite)

The surface condition of any part or product, whether for appearance or functionality, is a vital factor in meeting today's exacting expectations and competitive standards. Manufacturers worldwide devote significant attention to deburring, finishing and polishing systems to produce the results customers demand. Today many have learned to rely on a new category - non-woven abrasives. The unique three-dimensional construction of non-woven abrasives provides functional characteristics and a diverse range of performance capabilities that provide distinct advantages over traditional coated abrasives in many applications. 


Fibre: By varying the dimension of the synthetic fibre, the firmness or flexibility of the material can be manipulated.

Abrasive Grit: The size of the abrasive grain will influence the aggressiveness of the cutting action.

Resin Binder: This agent acts to bond the fibre and abrasive grain together and ensures the structural integrity of the finished product.


The way these three components are combined creates a variety of versatile abrasive tools capable of producing a wide spectrum of surface conditions and finishes. The characteristics of non-woven material have made it the fastest growing abrasive product today.


Heavy-duty grades (coarse and medium only) are made with high-performance, ceramic-coated aluminum oxide grain and secured to the nylon webbing with a robust phenolic resin system. These discs are designed to deliver enhanced aggression and extended service life vs. the standard grade equivalent, resulting in an excellent value for the cost

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