2" Premium Quick Change Surface Conditioning Disc - 50 Pack

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2" Quick Change Surface Conditioning Disc - 50 Pack

The surface condition of any part or product, whether for appearance or functionality, is a vital factor in meeting today's exacting expectations and competitive standards. Manufacturers worldwide devote significant attention to deburring, finishing and polishing systems to produce the results customers demand. Today many have learned to rely on a new category - non-woven abrasives. The unique three-dimensional construction of non-woven abrasives provides functional characteristics and a diverse range of performance capabilities that provide distinct advantages over traditional coated abrasives in many applications. 

 Main benefits:

• Remove surface imperfections
• Generate the required finish in one operation
• Produce clean, smooth, burr-free surfaces
• Refine grind lines in fewer steps than coated abrasives
• Provide a unique combination of aggression, finish and life
• Give a consistent, repeatable finish
• Replace traditionally used products such as coated abrasives and wire brushes. 

Work surfaces:

• stainless steel
• aluminium
• titanium
• nonferrous materials and alloys
• fiberglass and plastic

Grit Guide:

80 Grit - Coarse (Brown/Tan)

100-150 Grit - Medium (Maroon/Red)

180-240 Grit - Very Fine (Blue)