3/4" x 1" Surface Conditioning Spiral Band - 10 Pack

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3/4" x 1" Surface Conditioning Spiral Band

3/4 inch by 1 inch surface conditioning spiral bands are non-woven abrasives that have no lap and rolled into spiral bands to be used for deburring, finish and polishing in those small tight spaces that your file belt or quick change disc cannot reach. The tubular spiral band provides a clean and consistent finish very similar to your traditional surface conditioning material. Just like all of our other surface conditioning products they are made with a premium nylon webbing infused with a/o grains. One of the benefits of using a surface conditioning spiral band is the the porous non woven structure that helps promote air flow and minimum loading which helps the spiral band last longer and minimizes heat on the work piece. If you are already using one of our spiral bands than adding these to your arsenal is a no brainer. If you have not used any of our spiral bands a rubber expanding mandrel is required to use these bands. We offer 2 versions of the rubber expanding mandrel one being our quick lock or quick change version which can be found here. We also have your standard nut lock version which is also available here. Just like the majority of our abrasives they are MADE IN THE USA!