1/2" x 12" Ceramic File Belt - 10 Pack

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1/2" x 12" File Belt - Ceramic 

Ceramic grain coated 1/2” x 12” sanding belt for mini sanders. Ceramic grain sanding belts are the newest technology in the sanding belt world. The ceramic grain structure fractures during use, creating a continuous renewal of sharp edges allowing for the MOST uniform and consistent grinding throughout the life of the belt. Ceramic belts last 50% to 200% longer than other abrasive belt materials especially on tough applications. Additionally, ceramic belts remain cool while sanding protecting both the belt and the material being worked out. This small ceramic belt is the best belt for use on stainless steel and for extremely tough finishing or deburring applications on small work pieces or in small working areas. When comparing cost to 3M Cubitron II filing belt when comparing overall cost and efficiency this belt has it beat.