29 PC Step Point Drill Bit Set USA Made

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Step Point Drill Bit Set 29 Piece USA Made

Introducing our new Step Point Drill Bit that comes with a unique step bit design. The drill bit itself is made out of special hi-molybdenum tool steel for optimal performance. Body and clearance are gold for maximum lubricity. Unique tip geometry reduces heat generation and cutting tool wear increasing the life of the bit which saves you money! Easily enlarge existing holes without damaging the point! The spilt point design gives accurate starting and is self-centering eliminating the need for the use of a center punch!


  • Mechanics Length
  • Ideal for Hard Steel, Sheet metal, Brass & Acrylics.
  • From 1/16" to 1/2" by a 1/64th
  • Tri-Flat Shank For Sure Grip. Tri-Flat Start From 5/32" to 1/2'', total of 23 Bits
  • Self-Centering
  • USA Made