Ceramic Sanding Disc w/Super-Size (Type-R)

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Ceramic Sanding Disc w/Super-Size (Type-R)

Marvel offers a full range of flexible, cloth backed quick-change discs for grinding, blending and finishing on all types of materials. Made with durable, heavy-duty polyester substrates, these small diameter discs are amazingly versatile and capable of accessing hard to reach areas. With just a half-twist they easily assemble on like-sized holder pads. Our product range includes general purpose to high-performance options so you can select the product that is best suited for your particular needs.

What is Super-Size? 

Super-size is a third, soft resin coating that is infused with grinding aids that break down gradually during use to cool and lubricate the disc. Discs with a super-size are recommended for applications involving heat-sensitive materials like stainless steel and Inconcel®, when heat generation and surface burning are concerns.

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