2" x 72"Ceramic Blue Hog Sanding Belt

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2" x 72"Ceramic Blue Hog Sanding Belt

The Blue Hog ceramic belt is here! This 2" x 72" Ceramic belt is constructed with geometrically-shaped grains that break down more consistently over the life of the product. Expertly engineered this metal removing belt sander was made for a more stable and sharp cutting edge, you'll notice a smoother run with a faster cute rate. Compared to Combat Shredder Belt field test have demonstrated a 50% higher stock removal rates, with a more IMMEDIATE aggressive cut. It's also contains a grinding aid to help reduce friction and heat. If removing material with your knife sander is a key in your production you do not want to use anything else, because of its material removal properties it is only available in 36G. 


  • Contains Top Size for reduce friction and heat
  • Heavy Stock Removal Rate
  • Geometrically Shaped Grains
  • IMMEDIATE aggressive cut
  • Only available in 36G. 


Belt Grinders commonly used on Ameribrade, Wilton Square Wheel Grinder, Burr King 972 Knifemaker Grinder, The Hardcore Belt Grinder, AMK 2 x 72 Grinder and The Bader Bill.